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The creator

Ahmed Lindsay is an Entrepernuer with a passion for filmmaking.  A self-taught filmmaker who fell in love with the camera and the art of filmmaking when he was at his lowest point in life.  Ahmed was once a college graduate with a business degree, a career in finance, and side hustling promoting parties at clubs.  However it wasn’t enough for him, he was unhappy, unaccomplished, and felt unfulfilled. And it wasn’t until he picked up a camera that his life would change.  The camera gave Ahmed the feeling that he can do something special.  That was everything for him and he would eventually quit his job after 8 years and put his filmmaking career first.  Ahmed went on to film, produce and create various forms of content. Educated and business savvy, he started his own Production company Magnum Lifestyle Media and begin creating commercial and original branded content for small businesses.

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The Filmmaker

Ahmed 'Magnum Med' Lindsay is a Creative & Film Director who loves storytelling, cameras, documenting moments, and creating content. began his professional filmmaking career as a Production Assistant in Philadelphia, PA.  Coming from an untraditional route never attending any film school or programs,  found his way by working mostly in the independent filmmaking world.  Making a name for himself as a hard worker with a lot of additional skills and freelance production assistant He’s also produced, directed, and written a short film called ‘VIRAL’, as well as produced and directed a scripted tv show along the way.  Ahmed is still growing as an artist and honing his filmmaking techniques. Ahmed loves being on set and his goals are to create epic narrative productions that will visually educate, entertain, enlighten the world.

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