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Creative Direction

Our consulting service for video creative direction.  This service provides the attention and expertise needed to help with the creation of content.


Creative direction is the branch of brand development that deals with the concepts around a brand. It’s the ideas that become a reality in the form of logos, advertising campaigns, marketing materials and more. It can be hard to define because rather than being one thing, it’s a combination of many elements, including:

  • Art – the visuals of the brand, how it looks

  • Design – applying the principles of graphic design to your concept

  • Strategy – how your concept affects your audience and changes the perception of your brand


A creative director is usually in charge of this aspect of brand development. They will run the process of formulating the concept for the brand and its marketing. They will also oversee its implementation, ensuring consistency and that any variations are still ‘on brand’. They will generally oversee the art director, who will look after the visuals for the brand.


As mentioned before, the world’s biggest and most successful companies have used creative direction over long periods of time to build a brand and connect with their audience on a massive scale. It would not have been possible to do this without it. Without a winning concept behind their brand, their visual presence and marketing activity would be disjointed and inconsistent.

Even smaller businesses will find benefits from taking a more strategic, thoughtful approach to their branding. Whether it’s the consistent use of a colour that makes your audience think in a certain way (dark blue is associated with professionalism and trust, for example), or a strapline that you can use across your site and marketing materials, you can make creative direction work for you.

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