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Branded Short Film

Let’s take a departure from video and transition to film (not celluloid film, necessarily). One creative form of video advertisement is to embed your brand into a short film. That’s right—a short-length movie complete with characters and a story.

The only reason every commercial video producer I’ve ever met works making commercials is because they’re working toward making movies. So give them the opportunity to write a script, cast a local actor or two, and shoot a short film that revolves around your brand. For example, a yoga studio could be the setting for a rom-com or a boutique retail store could have a story about a son trying to find the perfect gift for his mother’s birthday.

An added bonus of producing a short film (with your product placed into it) is you get to have a premiere! Pop up some popcorn and get the cast, crew, and as many people from your business’s email list together to share the film for the first time on the big screen.

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