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Content Day

2 hours of shooting original video content. Two FREE consultations to prepare, plan all the creative details, and schedule the shoot day. An option to create at a studio for no extra cost outside the studio fees.



• One high-quality edited video (horizontal & vertical)

• 5 touch-up candid photos

• BTS phone footage

Base Rate - $500

Content DayPack

Our subscription package of Two Content Day services a month for up to 3 months. This package produces 2x the content per month including a special reel of both sessions.



  • Two to Six high-quality edited videos (horizontal & vertical)

  • Up to 30 touch-up candid photos

  • BTS phone footage per session

  • Up to 3 Director's Cut Reels

1 Month Base Rate - $900

2 Month Base Rate - $1700

3 Month Base Rate - $2500

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