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Branded Mini-Doc

This is what would happen if a “Behind the Scenes Video” and a “Company Culture Video” got together and had a baby. A short documentary shows your business over a period of time with an in-depth look at the people, talent and operations that go into it. 

This example from OSKAR BLUES tells the story of a beer whose barley was grown by a local farmer, malted by a local maltster, brewed at a local brewery, and finally served exclusively at a local bar. That’s four totally different crafts that came together to produce a wholly unique product and knowing the story behind it made the beer taste that much better (I, admittedly, had quite a few glasses of it).

If multiple brands/parties are included, their customer base is cross-promoted with your customer base—a win for everyone! Remember, this should be treated like a film, not just any “video.” Hold a premiere screening, which will further cross-promote your brand and lead to new customers. And after that, blast it online for everyone to see!

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