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The Spot Video

The most classic kind of video you can produce is the 15- or 30-second commercial commonly referred to as a “spot.” The content of a spot can widely vary depending on your brand and the story you want to tell, but the purpose of producing one is simply that it can be distributed virtually everywhere. You can show these videos in TV (or Hulu) commercial breaks, before YouTube videos, or even before the trailers start at the movies, for example.

The keys to being successful with this type of video is to make it immediately engaging and to concisely tell your story within the relatively short runtime. 

Additionally, a 15-30 second video is perfect for sharing on Facebook and Instagram. This not-too-short, not-too-long runtime hits the social media sweet spot. And chances are you’re probably going to be sharing and boosting your video on social media, rather than launching a cable TV commercial.


Spots have been around for decades and (even despite the decline of traditional television viewing) will be prevalent forms of advertising for decades to come.

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